• Kalypso Media has announced that Tropico 6 for PC has been delayed until January 2019, with the dictator sim releasing for consoles in summer 2019. According to a statement from the publisher, Tropico was delayed from a 2018 release date to give the development team at Limbic Studios more time to polish the title. Tropico is a city building/dictator sim which sees you playing as the leader of the island state of Tropico (AKA El Presidente). Tropico 6 is the latest addition to the Tropico series
    Tropico 6 delayed to January 2019 – and console dictators have an even longer wait

  • Beat Saber launched to Early Access in May 2018, and quickly gained a following for its fast-paced gameplay, awesome soundtrack, and lightsabers (people love lightsabers, ok?). As reported by RoadtoVR, anyone who’s purchased Beat Saber on Oculus Quest, the latest wireless VR headset from Oculus, will be able to play the game in 360 Mode – which sends blocks towards you in random directions for a more challenging and chaotic experience. While most VR games are automatically designed for headsets
    Beat Saber VR gets 360-degree play, but only the Oculus Quest can manage it

  • Having your Instagram hijacked can be a nightmare – you try to log in, only to find that your username, profile picture and bio have been changed – but thankfully the photo-sharing service is now making it easier to get everything back under control. It’s currently testing a new recovery system that doesn’t involve messing around with emails and support forms, then waiting for replies, like you do now. Instead, as Engadget reports, you’ll be asked for personal details such as your original phone
    Had your Instagram account hacked? Getting it back is now less of a headache

  • But why, for the most part, can’t you find these products in your local Walmart or John Lewis? And why would TCL bother to make TVs that, for now at least, have little chance of making it into Western showrooms? (You can still buy the Uppleva wall mount from Ikea’s website, but the TV is nowhere to be found.) Back in 2014, TCL also showed off a seismic 110-inch curved television, named the China Star , which even today seems hugely excessive both in size and scope. Abreu puts down the difficulty
    TCL is making some crazy TVs – here’s why you can’t buy them

  • Here’s everything we know about Apple’s next TV smart platform after the official announcement:Disappointingly, the one thing we didn’t hear at WWDC was Apple tvOS 13’s release date – so it’s still TBD. Well, based on previous years, global availability on Apple TV and Apple TV 4K should roll out sometime in September or October – around the time Apple could launch its Apple TV Plus streaming service. tvOS 13 will have personalized recommendations for everyone in your home – here’s what Blue Pla
    tvOS 13: All the news and features of Apple's next TV operating system

  • techradar wrote a new post, What is an IP address?, on the site sometime ago

    Finding your public IP address is easy (Image credit: Google)Finding your public IP addressThere are many ways to find out your public IP address. IP Address Guide: View your IP address and run other technical tools (ping, traceroute, IP address conversions) with a click. IP Address Locator: Point your browser here and you’ll not only see your current IP address and location, but the distance to nearby cities, too. Find IP Address: A quick way to view your IP address, location, and other details
    What is an IP address?

  • It’s not easy launching a foldable phone in 2019, as Samsung is quickly finding out: the latest reports from Asia suggest that its innovative Galaxy Fold handset won’t be going on sale until August. That means the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 might be out and available to buy before the folding handset that we first saw demoed back in February. Samsung then postponed the official on-sale date until a specified date in the future – we’re still waiting to hear when that might be. The Galaxy Fold isn’t t
    Samsung's Galaxy Fold might not show up until after the Note 10

  • Want to use NTFS drives on a Mac? In other words, as a Mac user you can only open and view files on Windows drives: you can’t change them in anyway, nor can you copy new files to NTFS format disks. Format to FAT32If you have an NTFS drive you can use macOS’ Disk Utility to reformat it to FAT32. Enable NTFS write support in TerminalIf reformatting your NTFS drive for Mac is not an option, you can enable write support for specific Windows disks using macOS Terminal. Connect your NTFS drive, then e
    How to use NTFS drives on a Mac

  • Called simply Mail, the app can handle any of the major webmail services such as Yahoo, iCloud and Gmail, and you can use it to work with a single email address or several. So, if you’ve yet to delve into Mail, join us as we take you on a guided tour and reveal what this app can do for you. Setting up an email accountImage Credit: MicrosoftThe first time you launch Mail, you will be prompted to add one or more email accounts – click Add Account to get started. One of the benefits of using the Ma
    How to use the Mail app in Windows 10

  • Nintendo of America may have a new president, but its approach to supporting the 3DS console is the same as ever: if you want it, we’ve got it. For that reason, and quite possibly because Nintendo also sees the console as “a great entry point for young gamers”, the 3DS will continue to see support. And if you have any concern that the 3DS didn’t really make much of an appearance during Nintendo’s Direct at E3, don’t fret. Gateway console”At this point,” he explained, “we have no games to announc
    Nintendo has no plans to give up on the 3DS just yet

  • The pre-beta for Fallout 76’s Nuclear Winter mode is going so well that Bethesda has announced it is extending it indefinitely. First announced during Bethesda’s E3 2019 conference, Nuclear Winter is the Fallout universe’s take on the increasingly well-worn battle royale genre. In Nuclear Winter, 52 players from Vault 51 are separated by the ZAX computer system into four squads. Now is the winter of our free contentIn an official blog post, Bethesda announced it’s been “blown away by the reactio
    Fallout 76 Nuclear Winter pre-beta has been extended

  • You have to give Rocket League a lot of credit – it pioneered a new wave of action sports games. Riding that wave is Roller Champions, a new free-to-play game from Ubisoft that blends the best of Rocket League with roller derby and it’s outstanding. What makes this game special – and my new favorite PVP sports game – is that, besides being free-to-play, it’s easier to pick up and play than Rocket League. Until then, I’m totally fine for Roller Champions to be the English Football League to Rocke
    Forget Rocket League, Roller Champions is the new best PVP sports game

  • When Obsidian Entertainment revealed The Outer Worlds at E3 2018 it was hard to ignore the radioactive elephant in the room. But has The Outer Worlds got what it takes to fill void left by Fallout? The overarching theme of The Outer Worlds is inherently bleak. In The Outer Worlds, corporations are king and Obsidian take advantage of this to deliver comedy with a bite. “The things you love about the games that we make, we want to provide to you in The Outer Worlds.
    The Outer Worlds doesn't shy away from its Fallout roots - and that's great

  • Welcome to our guide on how to reset a MacBook Pro. If your MacBook Pro is performing very slowly or you want to sell it or give it to someone else, you may want to reset it to factory conditions. In plain English this means restoring your MacBook Pro to how it worked when you took it out of the box. If you reset your MacBook Pro to fix a problem such as a slow system, click ‘Next’ to accept the default language. If you use it here however, it may also restore the software problem that caused yo
    How to reset a MacBook Pro

  • You can now ask your Alexa smart speaker to call your mobile contacts in the UK, giving you a hands-free way of staying in touch. Currently, UK customers with Alexa-enabled speakers have only been able to call other Alexa speakers, limiting the appeal a little. However, with the ability to now call external phone numbers, we can see more people calling upon Alexa to dial friends and family without having to lift a finger. For those who have multiple Alexa speakers around the home, you can set a
    Alexa can now call phone numbers from Amazon Echo speakers in the UK

  • When did you last use an email client? It’s not just privacy either – using an email client can save you time too. Use your browserDon’t fancy downloading a dedicated email client? Like an email client, a web browser with an ad-blocker can’t prevent a provider skimming your mail for info, but can stop you seeing advertisements targeted using that information. Whichever client you choose, make sure you pick your email provider carefully too.
    Why you still need an email client in 2019

  • “What I believe will happen is that, as games start streaming, modes will be made for these games to play in VR.” Jason Rubin, Oculus“What I believe will happen is that, as games start streaming, modes will be made for these games to play in VR,” Rubin said. “You might use your VR headset for 2D gaming, but still play 3D VR games when it strikes your fancy. Because 2D games aren’t going away – there are a lot of advantages in not putting you in something that’s throwing you around – but once tha
    Oculus VP: 2D games will find a new home in VR

  • 2018’s TicWatch Pro is a great smartwatch, with one of its few flaws being the lack of a 4G/LTE version, but it looks like that could be solved, as Mobvoi seems to be planning a new TicWatch Pro with 4G included. While not yet official, an image briefly appeared on Mobvoi’s (the maker of TicWatch products) website, complete with the text “The new TicWatch Pro” and “Powered by Verizon.” That last bit is what suggests that it supports 4G, as otherwise it wouldn’t be powered by a mobile network. Th
    A new TicWatch Pro with added 4G looks to be coming

  • New entries into a Eurasian database of “portable personal computers” registered by Apple suggest there are several more MacBooks on the way, MacRumors reports. Apple just recently released a refreshed Mac Pro and an 8-core MacBook Pro (2019), beefing up its lineup of computers, but this report suggests even more new models are in the works. These are the best laptops you can getHere are the best Mac computers in 2019See whether the Mac Pro or iMac Pro is more worthwhileWhat can we expect to see
    Apple likely has several new MacBooks in the works, registration suggests

  • Is the Nikon Z1 or Z5 set to land this year? In an article entitled ‘Nikon launches mirrorless for mid-price range’, Nikkei claims that the company will introduce a mid-price mirrorless camera in 2019, at a price expected to be in the 100,000 Yen range. The prospect of an APS-C model using the same Z mount hasn’t been ruled out by Nikon. The article goes on to state that the aim of the new camera is to “develop the demand of users other than existing enthusiasts”. The D750 is hardly new either,
    Nikon reportedly launching mid-price mirrorless camera this year

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