• When I scroll the scroll wheel on my Razer DeathAdder, there’s resistance, and it ‘clicks’ into grooves—it can’t just spin freely like a ball bearing—but it doesn’t make loud clicks. Get mouse with a regular, lightly clicky scroll wheel, and you can live a blessed life like I do. Wes Fenlon: Ain’t no scroll wheel like a Logitech scroll wheel cause a Logitech scroll wheel don’t stopPicking between a clicky scroll wheel and a smooth, free-spinning scroll wheel is a fool’s errand. You click a butto
    Do you like your mouse wheel to click when you scroll, or spin freely?

  • Two Point Hospital is getting some more DLC, this time tasking hospital administrators with saving the planet as well as lives. In Off the Grid, you’ll need to make sustainable hospitals, treat new plant-themed illnesses, and go gardening. Off the Grid includes a trio of new regions to vanquish by providing excellent healthcare and looking after the environment. The final region, Windsock City, is a slick, eco-friendly burg where you’ll need to power your hospital with green energy machines like
    Two Point Hospital is going green in its Off the Grid expansion

  • And then I played more of stylish platformer Shot in the Dark. Yes it is zombies, in the opening area at least, but it doesn’t take long for the enemy design to become more and more inventive. Luckily, you’re a dab hand with a revolver, which you use by aiming with the mouse and clicking to fire. As you have to reload after each shot, you’ll need to time your shots pretty precisely. This demo for the as-yet-unfinished Shot in the Dark had me when the rival gunslingers arrived.
    Take aim at the undead in the demo for wild west platformer Shot in the Dark

  • According to Kotaku, speaking with people familiar with its E3 plans, the publisher was going to host its first E3 press conference to show some projects we’ve already heard rumours about—including new Batman and Harry Potter games. A prominent leaker alleged that it would be called Batman: Arkham Legacy. It could be a follow-up to WB Games Montreal’s Batman: Arkham Origins. A new Harry Potter game was also poised to be revealed. In 2018, footage of a Harry Potter RPG leaked, showing off charact
    Batman and Harry Potter games were reportedly going to be announced at E3

  • The shutdown is bad enough in its own right, but making matters worse, it comes in the wake of growing questions about E3’s relevance at a time when broadband internet has enabled game publishers to reach their customers directly. Devolver Digital, which got the E3 cancellation rumor ball rolling downhill last night, is “bummed” about the cancellation but still plans on holding a Devolver Direct livestream in 2020. Indie reactionsWhile major publishers seem relatively unruffled by the cancellati
    How the industry is reacting to E3's cancellation

  • CD Projekt Red has said it will focus its efforts entirely on the Cyberpunk 2077 and Witcher series, while also reaffirming that it wants to develop more games in The Witcher universe. Based on Kicinski’s statement that CD Projekt plans to continue working in the Witcher and Cyberpunk universes, a new Witcher RPG seems likely. From what CD Projekt has said in the past, though, it probably won’t be called The Witcher 4. During the same interview, Kicinski also discussed the potential for COVID-19
    CD Projekt Red already has plans for its next big game after Cyberpunk 2077

  • Being attacked by another player and losing your ship in EVE Online hurts, but few understand the pain a player named Lactose Intolerant is feeling right now. Yesterday, he was ambushed by other players while hauling a lifetime’s worth of treasure, losing an astonishing 150 billion ISK, EVE Online’s in-game currency. Due to their enormous cargo bays, Orcas are also frequently seen hauling goods between EVE Online’s various trade hubs. Up in smokeIn high-sec space, where Lactose Intolerant was ki
    EVE Online player thinks no one will notice if he hauls $5,000 worth of items, is wrong

  • Discord announced today that it has temporarily increased the Go Live streaming viewer limit from ten to 50. The company hopes the increase will help out those who are working, taking classes, or socializing remotely as a result of the global coronavirus health emergency. When it released, I said that Discord’s Go Live streaming was one of its best features, and I still like it. Discord warns that there may be performance issues with large stream audiences, at least for the moment. The 50-viewer
    Discord ups streaming viewer limit while coronavirus keeps people at home

  • In the five years that we have produced the PC Gaming Show during E3 week, alongside our many partners, it’s fulfilled our goal for it: To be an event that celebrates the spirit of our favorite hobby. We continue to believe in helping to give our amazing hobby at least one yearly moment when everyone comes together to acknowledge what PC gaming is, and what’s coming next. Given the E3 cancellation announced earlier today by the ESA, we’re investigating multiple possibilities for this year’s PC G
    An update on this year's PC Gaming Show

  • 2020 was meant to be a breakout year for Overwatch League: the first year in which all teams would play events in their home cities. Unsurprisingly, the Overwatch League has now announced that all live events planned for March and April are cancelled. “After careful review and working in close collaboration with our teams, we are canceling all Overwatch League events scheduled for March and April.” Details on specific Overwatch League events will be provided by individual teams. Right now, there
    Overwatch League's live events have been cancelled until at least May

  • The cancellation of E3 due to the Covid-19 coronavirus is the big news of the day, but it’s just one of many events being cancelled or modified. ESL has now announced that the upcoming ESL Pro League Season 11 CS:GO tournament will be played online, and that the finals will be moved from the 1stBank Center in Denver, Colorado, to a studio location in Europe, with no live audience. These travel restrictions have made it impossible for a large amount of staff and the majority of teams to make thei
    Coronavirus outbreak forces ESL Pro League Season 11 to go online-only

  • For playing games at 1440p, the GeForce RTX 2060 is the best graphics card for the job, based on its price-to-performance ratio. To that end, the bang-for-buck factor is even better right now if you take advantage of EVGA’s sale on its GeForce RTX 2060 Super SC Ultra Black Gaming (08G-P4-3065-KR) model. Nothing else touches that in 2060 Super territory outside of potentially finding a deal for a used or refurbished model. That’s even cheaper than most Radeon RX 5700 cards, which the 2060 Super e
    This GeForce RTX 2060 Super is only $350 right now

  • he asked the audience, before stating that Doom Eternal “will be capable of running at true 4K resolution with HDR color at an unrelenting 60 frames per second.” The Doom Eternal launch details page released yesterday, which provided the PC system requirements and unlock times, also notes—down amidst the console information—that “Doom Eternal on Stadia will run at 1080p @60 FPS on HD displays and up-sample to 2160p from 1800p @60 FPS on 4K displays.” And it is a big step up from 1080p—but it’s n
    Doom Eternal will not run at 'true 4K' on Stadia

  • It’s a shame Philips does not pay more attention to the gaming monitor segment, because it would probably do well in that category. I say this because its new 34-inch curved 364P1CRH monitor offers some compelling features for the price. To that end, it offers a respectable 4ms gray-to-gray response time and 100Hz refresh rate at its native 3440×1440 resolution. Also of note is the wide color gamut. Nixeus has a model with a 144Hz refresh rate that is on sale for $549.99 (down from $599.99).
    Philips is launching a 100 Hz, 34-inch HDR monitor at a surprisingly good price

  • Things have been quiet on the Spelunky 2 front pretty much since it was first announced in 2017. There’s still no release date, but Yu has shared some new screenshots and a progress update via the PlayStation Blog. The screenshots do a good job of showcasing even just the visual variety. “Landing on grass in the jungle will sound very different than landing on a conveyor belt in Volcana,” says Yu. Check out the new screenshots below:(Image credit: Mossmouth)(Image credit: Mossmouth)(Image credit
    Here are some new Spelunky 2 screenshots to keep you going

  • news, Intel is fighting back against a massive €1.06 billion (~$1.2 billion) antitrust fine the European Commission levied against it—way back in 2009. “Intel gave wholly or partially hidden rebates to computer manufacturers on condition that they bought all, or almost all, their x86 CPUs from Intel. Intel also made direct payments to a major retailer on condition it stock only computers with Intel x86 CPUs,” the Commission said. The two biggest fines both belong to Google, which was fined €2.42
    Intel is still fighting a 10-year-old €1.06 billion antitrust fine for CPU rebates

  • E3 2020 has been cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak, but Microsoft and Ubisoft have already announced that they will still be continuing with the announcements and news, but this time through digital events. Phil Spencer’s tweet, below, suggests that Microsoft will be doing its own thing, but that doesn’t exclude them from being part of an online E3. Given this decision, this year we’ll celebrate the next generation of gaming with the @Xbox community and all who love to play via an Xbox d
    Microsoft and Ubisoft are exploring digital alternatives to E3

  • The Capcom Pro Tour, which pits Street Fighter players against each other for a shot at the Capcom Cup, has cut four tournaments from its roster and postponed two more because of coronavirus concerns. The points allocated to the tournaments, which players would have been fighting for, are being completely removed rather than carried over. Fighter’s Spirit and The MIXUP, meanwhile, are being postponed until July 11-12 and 18-29, respectively. Other schedules changes might occur as Capcom keeps an
    Capcom cancels 4 Pro Tour 2020 tournaments due to coronavirus

  • (Image credit: Agata Nawrot)I missed Karambola when it came out, but I won’t make that mistake again, as this is a beautiful, strange, tactile and just plain delightful browser game that’s reminiscent of Amanita Design’s gorgeous adventures. The artwork is beautiful, and more animated than it might appear in the static screenshots. And it’s paired with a calming, folksy soundtrack that fits the theme of the game to a tee. If you’ve had a rough day, this would be a great way to lift your mood. Fo
    Solve strange music puzzles in beautiful free game Karambola

  • In light of the continuing spread of COVID-19, the viability of E3 2020 seems more dire every day. The latest rumors seem to have been triggered by Devolver Digital, which tweeted “cancel your E3 flights and hotels, y’all” earlier today. Cancel your E3 flights and hotels, y’all.March 11, 2020Devolver has famously been at odds with E3. Devolver now hosts pre-recorded E3 press conferences lambasting the tone of the convention, and it has also described E3 as a “form of torture”—so maybe they’re ju
    E3 2020 hasn't been officially cancelled, but industry figures are calling it now

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