• Path of Exile: Betrayal, the ARPG’s latest expansion, is out today. To stop them, you’ll need to hunt down members from the organisation’s four divisions and ruin their plans. What you do after you defeat them is where the new system becomes really interesting. The good news is all those safehouses contain lots of lovely loot—the real reason you’re saving the world. Check out the update page for more details.
    Path of Exile's free Betrayal expansion lets you play detective today

  • “Our intent is to align the Microsoft Edge web platform simultaneously (a) with web standards and (b) with other Chromium-based browsers. This will deliver improved compatibility for everyone and create a simpler test-matrix for web developers,” Microsoft said. He also acknowledged that Microsoft’s decision could make it more difficult for Firefox to prosper, depending on what web developers and businesses who create services and websites do. “If one product like Chromium has enough market share
    Mozilla CEO says Microsoft’s switch to Chromium is ‘terrible’ for the web

  • Wizards of the Coast has announced that it will launch a Magic: The Gathering esports program in 2019 called the Magic Pro League, with a $10 million prize pool spread across both digital and tabletop formats. The Magic Pro League will feature 32 of the world’s top-ranked players, who will be offered “play and streaming contracts worth $75,000,” Wizards said. League competitors will square off in weekly contests in Magic: The Gathering Arena that will ultimate take them to new Mythic Championshi
    $10 million Magic: The Gathering Arena esports league will kick off in 2019

  • Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey flings us back 10 million years to the origins of humanity. Announced a few years ago by Assassin’s Creed creator Patrice Désilets and his team as Panache Digital Games, we’re only now getting a look at it in action. In the first part, ten million years ago, there’s a single ape swinging through the trees before getting devoured by a snake. Finally, just shy of three million years ago, a band of hunters encounter and kill a huge saber-toothed cat. It’s an open-wo
    Assassin's Creed creator's survival game Ancestors is out in 2019

  • It’s a chilly, snow-themed island called Vikendi, bringing with it new weather, a new gun and the coolest way to get around a battlefield: snowmobiles. There’s a ‘60s cosmodrome, complete with rocket, and a even quirky dinosaur theme park. “In every map, you’re always going to have these iconic, central locations that really lend themselves to hot-dropping,” Curd says. Some of PUBG Corp’s artists took a trip to Slovenia where they found a dinosaur park, inspiring the one in-game. The developers
    PUBG's world art director on the new map, a snowy island with a dinosaur park and snowmobiles

  • The Block, a flat concrete lot, just replaced Risky Reels on Fortnite’s battle royale map. Think back to the long forgotten age of this morning when Fortnite Season 7 and the new creative mode went live. The Block will be where the best player-made creations are put on display for everyone, so long as they make the cut. Epic says the feature and creative mode are still fairly new and rough, so you’ll need to stick to the following rules to put whatever you make up for consideration. Epic is alwa
    'The Block' will bring stuff from Fortnite's creative mode to battle royale

  • After building a spectacularly large audience with Fornite, Epic is turning its game launcher into a Steam-like store—though one that offers developers a larger revenue share. The first games it’s offering are now visible on the Epic Store . First of all, Subnautica and Super Meat Boy, both great games, are going to be free for a limited time, starting later in December. But also: free games. We’d never heard of a game called Hades until now, and yet here it is, available on the Epic Store in Ea
    Subnautica will be free on the Epic Store for a limited time

  • Credit: TheMysticalMungus on TwitterThe hits keep on coming for Bethesda and its customers. For a brief period today, players who logged into Bethesda’s website to view or update their technical support tickets were able to view everyone else’s support tickets, too. The information in some of these support tickets apparently included customer’s names, email addresses, and other personal information. Those uploaded documents were apparently viewable by other customers as well, and those receipts
    Bethesda's website briefly revealed customer support tickets and personal information

  • pcgamer wrote a new post, (no title), on the site GoGame.com 5 days, 22 hours ago

    If you’re having trouble entering the Blind Well PvE arena in Destiny 2, you’re not alone. The instructions are to walk into the Blind Well slowly, via the right side hallway while hugging the wall. Walking slowly into the arena has apparently been a trick to expedite matchmaking for a while, but it’s funny to see Bungie openly acknowledging it. Here’s their tweet:We have identified an issue with matchmaking within the Blind Well. It’s become clear that we made the initial Power requirements for
    Destiny 2 has a matchmaking bug that can be fixed by walking slowly

  • pcgamer wrote a new post, (no title), on the site GoGame.com 6 days, 2 hours ago

    First announced at Microsoft’s 2013 E3 press conference, fantasy roguelike Below is finally releasing on December 14 – just in time to meet its 2018 release window. Below is a roguelike: it has a procedurally generated world full of dark dungeons and ominous outdoor environments, and permadeath. There’s plenty of games like this in 2018, but the art style of Below will certainly set it apart. “If I’m not bleeding out from an encounter with my little red friends, I’m contending with an empty stom
    After five years in development, Capybara's Below will release next week

  • pcgamer wrote a new post, (no title), on the site GoGame.com 6 days, 2 hours ago

    Blizzard announced yesterday that the Winter Wonderland will return to Overwatch on December 11, a snowy special event that we predicted would be preceded by the usual array of new Legendary skin reveals. Sure enough, we were right (shocking, I know): First on the runway is Snowboarder Zarya, whose cute furry look makes for a very different sort of “Russian Bear.” Pawsitively fursome.Shred your opponents as SNOWBOARDER ZARYA (Legendary)! 🏂Winter Wonderland begins Dec 11! Overwatch’s Winter Wonde
    The first new Overwatch Winter Wonderland skin turns Zarya into a real Russian bear

  • In response to those complaints, Valve has posted a message in the Steamworks Development group (available to the public) explaining what happened. This change was meant to fix an issue where customers would search for a game, but that game would be much lower in the search results than other less relevant games,” Valve wrote. “As a result, overall impressions and views for the ‘More Like This’ section did show a substantial decrease for about two weeks after the initial bug,” Valve said. That w
    Valve explains Steam Discovery bug that made indie games harder to find

  • pcgamer wrote a new post, (no title), on the site GoGame.com 6 days, 5 hours ago

    Mike Laidlaw, formerly the creative director and lead designer on the Dragon Age RPG series, left BioWare in 2017 so he could try his hand at other things—including the Dragon Age: Origins-inspired RPG The Waylanders. But today he announced that he’s back at a big developer, this time as the creative director at Ubisoft Quebec. If you’ve played the excellent Assassin’s Creed Odyssey—which was principally developed here in Quebec City—you already have some taste of what that combination can produ
    Former Dragon Age creative director Mike Laidlaw is now with Ubisoft

  • pcgamer wrote a new post, (no title), on the site GoGame.com 6 days, 5 hours ago

    Starbreeze, the publisher of games including Payday 2 and Overkill’s The Walking Dead, has confirmed reports that its Stockholm office was raided by Swedish authorities investigating allegations of insider trading. Word of the raid first surfaced in Swedish sources including Expressen.se, which said that authorities had seized computers and documents as part of an investigation into a “suspected gross insider breach in Starbreeze.” “On Wednesday Swedish Economic Crime Authority has conducted a s
    Starbreeze offices raided as Swedish authorities investigate insider trading allegations

  • This is the best time of year to build or upgrade your PC, or add to it (like a new router). We’re knee-deep in the holiday shopping season at this point, and that means there are deals galore. This is day two of its ’12 Days of Deals’ event, each day of which focuses on a specific category. We’ve already highlighted some of the better deals on Logitech’s gaming peripherals and accessories, but that’s just scratching a very large surface. Some online stores give us a small cut if you buy somethi
    Day 2 of Amazon’s ‘12 Days of Deals’ focuses on PC hardware

  • Zotac recently added another GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card model to its product stack, and in doing so it seemingly revealed that Nvidia was adding a GDDR5X memory option to the 1070, like it did with the GeForce GTX 1060 in October. If you got your hopes up, brace yourself—the GDDR5X memory that initially appeared in the specifications was a “simple mistake” on Zotac’s part. The potential advantage of using GDDR5X memory is ultimately more bandwidth, by running at faster speeds. It remains to
    Is the GeForce GTX 1070 getting a GDDR5X memory upgrade? Not so fast

  • Walmart’s Overpowered gaming PC line is not going away any time soon. Rumors began circulating a few days ago that Walmart had pulled their Overpowered line of gaming PC desktops from sale. Walmart Gaming PCs are done! pic.twitter.com/qoDbZMt3MsDecember 3, 2018We were able to confirm that all Overpowered gaming desktop PCs and laptops are available for purchase on Walmart’s website, though it appears several models have dropped in price recently. The Overpowered gaming laptop model with 32GB of
    Walmart did not pull its 'Overpowered' gaming desktop PCs from sale

  • Bethesda has confirmed that we can expect Fallout 76’s live in-game events to begin early next year. “We are excited to announce that, starting in early 2019, we plan to release a variety of in-game events that will take place over the course of a week. We’ve wondered for a while how Fallout 76 will benefit from being a live game. Chris gave Fallout 76 60 percent, citing numerous problems with the PC version and the game itself. “Despite the considerable issues with the PC version, I’ve still ha
    Fallout 76's live in-game events will start in early 2019

  • Reports say a new Dragon Age game is set to be revealed at The Game Awards tomorrow—but it’ll be at least three years until you can play it. The report says that this new Dragon Age game has spent a year in limbo. If this report is correct, it’ll be at least seven years between Dragon Age instalments. Did Dragon Age get stuck in the Deep Roads? I’m curious to know what forms Dragon Age 4 has taken over the years—developer Alexis Kennedy discussed his involvement in the project in August last yea
    Rumour: Dragon Age 4 is being announced at The Game Awards

  • Meet NodePanel 2:Better game server hosting, built with gamers in mind. We’ve created a unique control panel that provides you with real-time access to your servers. It doesn’t matter if you’re a hardcore gamer, parent, or just getting into gaming; NodePanel is easy to use.
    Game Servers Done Right

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