• Ghostbusters: Afterlife is the official title for Jason Reitman’s formerly untitled Ghostbusters sequel, and the first full-length trailer is coming Monday. 6, 2019The first official Ghostbusters: Afterlife photos were revealed in an article by Vanity Fair . “As the family arrives at an old farm, they begin to discover their connection to the original Ghostbusters,” Reitman said. (Image credit: Columbia (Vanity Fair))Unlike the 2016 reboot, Ghostbusters: Afterl
    Ghostbusters 2020 is now called Ghostbusters: Afterlife, see the first official photos

  • Square Enix released, then promptly deleted, a trailer confirming a January release for Kingdom Heart 3 ‘s big DLC pack, Kingdom Hearts 3: Re Mind. From the looks of it, Kingdom Hearts 3: Re Mind will release on January 3 for PS4 and January 5 for Xbox One. The trailer also laid out some key plot points, which were of course snapped up long before Square Enix managed to erase the evidence. (Image credit: Square Enix (Twitter: BSK Resident Evil 3))”Re Mind – the other tale that unfolded during th
    Kingdom Hearts 3: Re Mind DLC now-deleted release trailer confirms the return of Final Fantasy characters

  • When news emerged that Spider-Man could be leaving the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans banded together to call on Disney and Sony to come to sort of resolution. Soon enough, the two mega-companies came to an agreement that meant Spider-Man could stay in the MCU. While we’ll never know the intricacies of those discussions, it looks like Holland played an integral part. Kimmel pointed out that Iger previously said Holland had cried on the phone, which the actor corrected. There you have it: a drun

  • Hot from a brilliant turn in Martin Scorsese’s “twilight masterpiece” The Irishman as Tony Pro, Stephen Graham has joined the super-villain sequel. We do know that Graham won’t be the main antagonist of Venom 2. In follow-up Venom 2 news, producer Matt Tolmach recently revealed to Joblo that they are considering making the sequel R-rated following the success of Joker. So you know, I think it’s the greatest thing in the world that R-rated movies are being embraced by massive audiences. Here are
    Venom 2: Stephen Graham joins potentially R-rated sequel's cast

  • Those lucky enough to attend the Birds of Prey CCXP panel in Brazil were treated to an exclusive look at the opening minutes of the upcoming DC movie. Not only that, but they were also shown an exclusive trailer for Harley Quinn’s next adventure – one that hasn’t yet been released online. Luckily, though, a description of what went down at the CCXP panel has found its way online. So, there you have it – Birds of Prey will open with a quick history lesson on how Harley Quinn and Joker broke up. B
    New Birds of Prey footage debuts at CCXP in Brazil – here's what happens in it

  • The Boys season 2 cast is expected to appear at CCXP in Brazil later today and already the first teaser for the new season has appeared online. This was no leak, but an official upload by Amazon, who has been quick to take the teaser trailer down from their official channels. A new trailer for ‘THE BOYS’ Season 2 has been officially released. The Boys season 2 trailer starts with Homlander, covered in blood, descending down to greet someone, presumably his son. Hopefully, when The Boys season 2
    The Boys season 2 trailer accidentally uploaded by Amazon – here's what happens in the blood-splattered tease

  • Death Stranding is the latest brainchild from famed video game director Hideo Kojima, but if there’s an alternate universe where it released as Kojima was just starting out in the 80s, here it is. @darrenjcbs @TroyBakerVA 5, 2019Animator Fabricio Lima enjoyed his time playing Death Stranding so much that he decided to pay tribute to both the game and Kojima’s very-early work on the MSX. Lima says it took around two weeks to adapt the character models and music
    Death Stranding demake pays tribute to Kojima's early days working on the MSX

  • The notorious Peacekeeper is perhaps Apex Legends ‘ most broken weapon, but a new patch nerfs it down a reasonable amount. The nerfs are part of a big patch that just went live on all platforms after an unforeseen delay , bringing major changes to Apex Legends’ progression system. The official Apex Legends Twitter account later posted the exact changes made to the Peacekeeper shotgun. Specifically, bolt hit size has been decreased, shot spread has been increased, and shot spread on the final Pre
    Apex Legends' Peacekeeper shotgun isn't as broken as it was

  • If you prefer to catch ’em all in the presence of other like-minded creature-catchers in an open, shared world, look out for TemTem, a Pokemon-style MMO coming to Steam on January 21. To be clear, TemTem is not a Pokemon game, nor is it being developed by Game Freak, but it’s unabashedly inspired by the franchise. Even the official Steam description labels TemTem a “massively multiplayer creature-collection adventure inspired by Pokemon.” Reading the description and watching gameplay footage cer
    TemTem is a Pokemon-like MMO coming to Steam next month

  • If you’ve ever wanted to play a raid in the style of Grand Theft Auto, the newly announced GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist might be for you. True to yesterday’s teaser , Rockstar says that this Heist, which will launch on Thursday, December 12, is the most complicated and rewarding one yet, making it “highly replayable with new scenarios unfolding each time.” “Breach the vault at The Diamond, grab the goods, and exact revenge on the Duggan family.” “The Diamond Casino Heist is an all-new approac

  • Sometimes, the best gift you can get for yourself is peace and quiet. Thankfully, we have tech for that now, and you can get a great deal on these Sony noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones – they’re just $278 at Amazon, $71.99 off the usual sticker price of $349.99. This late Cyber Week deal is on the WH1000XM3 model headphones from Sony. This makes it easier to hear your music or podcasts in noisy environments like airliner cabins, or you can even turn on the ANC by itself to bring you closer
    Save $70 on these Sony noise canceling headphones to make your holiday travels merrier

  • Red Dead Redemption 2 is all about the fun in being an outlaw, but an upcoming mod says being on the right side of the law can be just as fun. Just like the GTA V police mod from the same team, this RDR2 mod adds new interactions to completely reverse the way the authorities and outlaws react to you. The modders say to expect something vaguely along the same lines as their LSPDFR GTA V mod, but “with a greater focus on interaction and investigation as opposed to LA style car chases.” No word yet
    Red Dead Redemption 2 lawman mod lets you leave behind your life of crime

  • Edge Magazine recently got to speak to the man himself, Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan, about all things Overwatch 2, with the full interview published in this month’s edition, issue 340, out now on store shelves. Read more (Image credit: Future) Subscribe to Edge Magazine this Christmas for savings of up to 54%”We’re definitely going to explore what endgame means for Hero Missions.” explains Kaplan in the interview, when asked about whether replay value has come into consideration when designin

  • At least, that’s what Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker director J.J. Abrams has promised. Reasoning why, he told the publication: “It was really important that we not just redo the things you’ve seen, but add new elements—which we knew will infuriate some people and thrill others.” Abrams, of course, remains tight-lipped over what exactly is in stall for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. “Rian helped remind me that that’s why we’re on these movies – not to just do something that you’ve seen befo

  • The Ultimate Guide to Nintendo 2019/20 has everything you’re looking for, not to mention an exclusive 10% off your next order on the Nintendo Official UK Store. With 132 pages of the latest information on everything Nintendo, including customisable bundles where you can pick up the Nintendo Switch console, a brand new game, and an awesome carry case to truly make the system personalised. Or you could opt for one of the magnificent Star Bundles, which are pre-made bundles with consoles, games, ac
    Find the perfect gift this Christmas with The Ultimate Guide to Nintendo 2019/20, presented by GamesRadar+

  • The PS5 could support a new accessory for Sony’s PlayStation VR headset, one which more authentically simulates the behavior of a virtual reality user from a remote location via telepresence technology. Read more (Image credit: Insomniac) PS5 specs – what’s inside the next-generation PlayStation console? However, we could easily see this apparatus have its uses for multiplayer and party VR games on PS5, especially as Sony continues to develop a next-gen virtual reality headset for its upcoming s
    Another Sony patent has revealed a quirky new PlayStation VR accessory that could be for PS5

  • It’s official: the Gloomhaven board game is getting a sequel. Frosthaven has finally been announced after three years of teasing, and although we’ll get more info this Saturday at PAX Unplugged, we know for sure that it’s a fully-fledged follow-up to one of the best board games of the last few years. In the developer’s own words, it’s “Gloomhaven 2.0… [tells] another epic story on the scale of the original game, with the same complexity and grandeur”. If you’re new to the board game, Gloomhaven
    Frosthaven - the Gloomhaven board game is getting a sequel, and it sounds awesome

  • Xbox Boss Phil Spencer is already using the Xbox One’s successor as his primary console. Spencer tweeted on Wednesday that he’d been enjoying Project Scarlett ‘s suite of available games at home over the week, using the Elite Series 2 controller. And it’s started….this week I brought my Project Scarlett console home and it’s become my primary console, playing my games, connecting to the community and yes, using my Elite Series 2 controller, having a blast. It also isn’t clear which games Spencer
    Project Scarlett is already Phil Spencer's primary home console

  • Pokemon Go is hosting its first-ever Evolution event from Thursday, December 5 through Thursday, December 12. The event is aimed at helping you accrue Evolution items, take advantage of longer-lasting Lure Modules, and encounter “Pokemon that evolve in special ways.” During the event period, you’ll also have the chance to hatch Pokemon like Tyrogue, Feebas, Burmy, and Happiny from 2km eggs. You’ll also get twice the XP for evolving Pokemon, which should be easier given the Evolution items you’ll
    Pokemon Go's first Evolution event is celebrating change

  • The next batch of NES and SNES games coming to Switch Online includes Star Fox 2 , Super Punch-Out! The full selection of new games will go live for Switch Online subscribers on Thursday, December 12, and are as follows:SNESStar Fox 2Super Punch-Out!! Nintendo recently stopped adding new games every month, instead dropping batches of new games into the Switch Online service at random intervals. As such, it isn’t clear when we’ll see the next crop of NES and SNES games hit the service. Find out w
    Star Fox 2 is coming to Switch Online as part of the latest batch of SNES and NES games

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