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  • 4A Games has said previously that Metro Exodus will be more open than the previous games in the Metro series, but it won’t be a completely open world like that of Stalker. For one thing, individual levels in Exodus will be much larger than anything seen in the previous games. The biggest outdoor level in Last Light was roughly “200 meters to 100 meters,” Prokhorov said,. That means everything from weapons, attachments, and other loot, to “frozen stories” that reveal more about the game world and
    Metro Exodus is bigger than 2033 and Last Light combined

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  • Wall Street will be monitoring the all-important retail sales report due on Friday, especially as the holidays draw near. And a monthly survey of small business owners is scheduled for release on Tuesday. Economists forecast a big increase in consumer spendingWhat’s happening: The monthly retail sales report for November is scheduled for release on Friday, December 13. Small business owners may feel more optimisticWhat’s happening: A monthly report that measures confidence among small business o
    Retail sales, small business sentiment, and other news affecting your money in the week ahead

  • Although the update has only been out for a short time, fans have already started to notice changes to the game that were not detailed on the official patch notes. While Modern Warfare released on October 25, 2019, the 1.10 patch signaled the official start to Modern Warfare’s Season One. The many changes fans have claimed were made, but not mentioned in the official patch notes, include adjustments to map playlists and weapons, as well as increasing the amount of XP needed to rank up. For fans
    Modern Warfare Fans Believe Updates Were Left Out Of Patch Notes

  • I’ve read that online banks average about 2% interest on savings accounts, and the average brick-and-mortar bank is paying .09%. Other than that, is there any reason to not move my funds into an online savings account? What specific things I should know about online savings accounts, especially regarding the ease of contributing to or taking money out of my account? Many national banks offer higher interest rate savings accounts to new customers online but don’t promote it to their core customer
    You can earn 20 times more interest with the right savings account, says wealth manager

  • The best way to give a gift is to give people what they want, not what you think they should have, says Elaine Swann, an etiquette expert. Across all generations, money for personal spending is the No. 1 present when ranked against tangible gifts, experiences, and money for bills or experiences, according to the Zelle study, but younger people are on record as being the most excited. “Millennials have definitely changed the landscape in terms of the way we give gifts now,” says Swann. Here are s
    'Give gifts of money' this holiday season, says etiquette expert

  • Slimline gaming laptops usually cost a pretty penny, but occasionally a good deal pops up. If you’re currently in the market for a portable gaming rig, then you’ll be interested to learn that the RTX 2060 version of MSI’s GS65 Stealth laptop has dropped to $1,349.99 on Amazon. The specifications on this model include a 6-core/12-thread Intel Core i7-8700H processor, an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 (the regular 2060, not the Max-Q version), 16GB of 2666MHz RAM, and a 512GB NVMe SSD. We reviewed the MS
    This ultra-thin RTX 2060 gaming laptop is just $1,350 right now

  • For some odd reason, Intel is resurrecting the Pentium G3420 based on its once formidable (but now old) 22nm Haswell architecture. Intel had previously discontinued this part, but is now pulling it out of the grave and plopping it on its roadmap. There may also be a niche demand for kiosks or some other market where an old low-end Pentium chip is still sufficient. The Pentium G3420 is a lightweight processor—it’s a dual-core CPU without Hyper Threading support (so 2 cores and 2 threads), clocked
    Intel is bringing back a 22nm Haswell-era Pentium CPU for some reason

  • Battlefield 5’s Wake Island map, originally from Battlefield 1942, will be popping into existence next week, but ahead of that you can get a quick look thanks to the Wake Island overview trailer. I’m not particularly nostalgic about the map, which was last in Battlefield 3, but it looks like a blast. Amphibious tanks and boats will also spawn on beaches, giving you another way to get around the island. The free update will be available on December 12, but before that you can start mucking around
    Battlefield 5 is getting Wake Island and custom games next week

  • There was the Challenger, which made our list of the eight ugliest PC gaming cases we’ve ever seen, and the original Conquer. To me, it’s reminiscent of Keith Courage in Alpha Zones for the Turbo Grafx-16, when he dons the Nova suit. A lot of the exterior pieces are removable, too, allowing users to “customize and modify the case,” Cougar says. This is a full-tower PC case. As for when the case will be available and at what price, Cougar has not revealed those details yet.
    This case reminds me of Keith Courage for the Turbo Grafx-16

  • Yeah, video games are great and all, but did you know there are games you can play in real life? If you’re interested in picking up a few strategy board games, Amazon has a ton of them on sale for today only. Some of the most popular games on sale include One Night Ultimate Werewolf (self explanatory), Outfoxed! (a family-oriented whodunit game), and Forbidden Island (a treasure hunt for 2-4 players). One title from our best board games list—Pandasaurus Games Wasteland Express Delivery Service,
    Grab some strategy board games from Amazon for up to 50% off today only

  • Excellent news for the 8 million or so League of Legends addicts out there: Riot Games is working on expanding the League of Legends universe with help from third-party developers. VentureBeat reported Thursday that the Los Angeles-based publisher will be partnering with reputed third-party developers to design exciting new League of Legends games under its new publishing label, Riot Forge. The first of its kind at Riot, Riot Forge aims to complement Riot Games’ existing research and development
    Riot Games enlists help of third-party developers to expand on League of Legends universe

  • In places where Google Fiber is available, new customers are no longer able to sign up for the $50/month 100Mbps tier, as it is being phased out. Going forward, Google wants to focus solely on its $70/month 1Gbps plan. We will no longer offer a 100Mbps plan to new customers,” Google said in a blog post. The 1Gbps service is actually a good value compared to what’s available in most areas. In areas where Google Fiber is available, 1Gbps (and 500Mbps) should offer a better overall experience on St
    Google Fiber axes cheaper 100Mbps plan for new subscribers

  • At least a dozen Amazon customers got the surprise of their life this holiday season – though not in a good way. According to Kotaku, a few Black Friday buyers who ordered a Nintendo Switch apparently did not get their electronics purchase. Instead, like a scene from How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, they found everything from condoms and air fresheners to Remington facial trimmers and dog food in their Amazon package. Some got it worse than other, finding only a pack of AA Duracell batteries and
    Amazon customers order Nintendo Switch, get condoms, tambourine and dog food instead

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  • With the Season of Dawn scheduled to start next week and further refinements to Destiny 2’s economy coming with it, Redditor anonymoususer1910 calculated how much of the game’s Bright Dust currency fans would need to buy every item offered in Eververse since Season 8 started in October. New and old players of Destiny 2 alike will no doubt be familiar with the game’s Eververse store, where Bungie offers a rotating selection of cosmetic items like shaders, ornaments for armor and weapons, and fini
    How Much Bright Dust Destiny 2 Players Need to Buy All Season 8 Eververse Items

  • advertisingA few big names in the community, such as Sabi and PushDustIn, have graced Twitter once again with some more news about Super Smash Bros. RELATED: Super Smash Bros. This deconfirmation comes from Sabi, @New_WabiSabi on twitter, who has released information on prominent Smash Ultimate leaks in the past. advertisingSuper Smash Bros. Ultimate is available now on Nintendo SwitchMORE: Super Smash Bros.
    More Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC 5 Leaks Deconfirmed

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    最近有一场比赛是很多人关注的,这场比赛就是LOL的全明星,这次的全明星solo赛是很多人在关注的,大家也看到这次比赛里面很多知名的选手都来参加了,我们LPL赛区去了4人,我们也在密切的关注他们的比赛,而其他赛区我们最关注的应该就是faker了。 大家看到faker这次来打比赛的时候,在车上拍了一张照片,大家看到这次faker穿上了新鞋子和新裤子以及新衣服,大家可以看到,这次faker穿的新鞋子还是AJ,如果了解的朋友应该知道,这是一双A

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    王者荣耀已经成为当下最火爆的手机游戏,越来越多的人爱上它,游戏中也加入许多英雄,其中皮肤一直都是大家最喜欢的,最近官方也公布了许多新皮肤,鼠年限定皮肤也曝光了,大家的零花钱准备好了吗? 最近有网友将英雄和电影场景结合在了一起,许多玩家表示非常有趣,小编带大家一起来看一下吧,其中第一个场景是刘婵和蔡文姬坐在树枝上,二人一起看着日落,看上去非常的浪漫,大家觉得是哪部电影中的场景? 第二个是马可波罗站在船上,一身水手服英姿飒爽,这个场景相信许

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    最近关于LPL赛区的转会消息很多,大家也看到IG战队的变动还是很大的,JKL的离开对IG的打击还是很大的,最近也有关于IG新赛季的阵容出来,下路两人都是新人,宝蓝估计也要进入替补席了,没了JKL,他的处境也有点尴尬。 而我们反观JKL那边,JKL最近签约费和签约战队都已经敲定了,有爆料称JKL的签约费是2650万,本来想去RNG的,签约费也是和RNG谈的,但是因为uzi突然续约了,于是这份合同转给了SN战队,如果不出意外的话,JKL基本

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